The firm

MEDUSA is a law and consultancy space created with the aim of vindicating the importance of international human rights law.

We are strong advocates that the knowledge and use of this branch of law, as well as its protection mechanisms, contributes to the progress of society and the achievement of social justice.


In ancient Greek, means “Guardian” or “Protector”. And that is our ultimate goal:

to improve the protection of people’s human rights.

Our mission

The name MEDUSA stands for our mission:

In her feminist essay “The laugh of Medusa”, postmodernist thinker Hélène Cixous uses the Greek myth of Medusa to deconstruct and subvert the traditional narrative, placing the story and power of the gorgo at the centre against the dominant interpretation of classical mythology. Since then, Medusa has become as a reference symbol of feminism and a source of inspiration for all those with new ideas who want to subvert the status quo.

The figure of Medusa is one of the best-known figures of classical mythology in the world, without any translation being necessary. The name Medusa is international and accessible in all languages, giving it a universal significance.

Our values

Professionalisation of human rights

at Medusa we believe that implementing international human rights law, as well as using its protection mechanisms, requires professionals to have a specific expertise and specialized training.


The multiple power structures that operate in our society affect people in different ways, generating unique experiences of discrimination. These structures are also present in law, institutions and public policies. At Medusa we approach all our projects taking into account all those social and legal structures that affect people.


At Medusa we believe that progress in the protection of Human Rights requires thinking outside the box: designing new legal solutions and exploring new ways of protection through Law.

Social justice

Social inequalities and inequities prevent people from enjoying their rights. At Medusa we are firm defenders of the power of law as an engine of social change and as a tool to move towards a fairer and more equitable society.


Legal feminism understands law as a necessary tool to question unequal relations. At Medusa we use a feminist legal approach to understand the situations of discrimination, inequality and oppression in which people may find themselves.

Social economy

Companies generate a triple impact: social, environmental and economic. At Medusa we want this impact to be positive and transformative. Therefore, we are a Professional Labour Company founded on the values of the Social Economy.