Human Rights

Advocacy services

At Medusa we approach all our cases from an intersectional approach. That is to say, whatever the situation is, we will take into account all those social and legal structures that affect the concerned person or group.

Feasibility study of cases before international mechanisms

Are you an organisation or a lawyer? Do you have a case and have exhausted all options at the national level? Are you looking for solutions but don’t know what else to do? We will study your case and look for creative solutions through international human rights law (UN Committees, European Court of Human Rights, European Committee of Social Rights).

Legal advice and/or defence before international mechanisms

Once we see that the case is realistically feasible, we can take on the representation or accompany the lawyers in the defence of the case before international and European human rights protection mechanisms.

Legal advice and/or defence before the Spanish jurisdiction

We represent in cases of human rights violations related to: human trafficking , international protection, immigration, children’s protection, Children’s criminal liability, gender-based violence, violence against children, sexual and reproductive rights, economic and social rights, discrimination.

Support in legal strategies development

Incorporating international human rights law into legal arguments can improve the defence of cases at the national level, as well as the possibilities of resorting to international mechanisms in case of need. We can help you develop a legal strategy for your case and incorporate international human rights law.

Strategic human rights litigation

We understand strategic litigation as a revolutionary tool for social change. Our team works as a network to design and implement this type of litigation with the aim of generating new human rights standards.